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More than 20 years of accumulated knowledge in the development and manufacture of rigid and flexible profiles. A period during which the search for technology and improvement have been present in order to convert such knowledge into solutions for different markets, offering versatility and high productivity.


More recently, the company has started investing in photovoltaic energy. Having such clean energy in mind, it has installed solar panels to meet its energy demands. Thus, the company, in addition to improving its internal processes, has also been collaborating with the protection of the environment by making use of sustainable energy sources.

A QUALITY PROFILE can oftentimes be identified thanks to its finishes and trims. That’s where PERFILLAIS stands out. Offering Finishing anf Trim Profiles with high quality, durability, beauty and originality. Founded in 2001, Perfillais reaches its 20th anniversary providing profiles for the most varied industrial segments, becoming a strong and reliable partner to those concerned with every single detail.


After analyzing the products and services offered to customers, Perfillais has determined the following scope to be used as a reference for obtaining results:

Manufacture and sale of extruded plastic profiles.

Quality policy

Develop and produce plastic profiles, with high quality, through team qualification and the continuous improvement of processes, thus generating higher satisfaction levels and gaining new customers, as well as generating more profitability for shareholders. Perfillais is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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